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Dental Cleanings in San Juan Capistrano

Enhancing your healthy, glowing smile

Preventative teeth cleanings are a cornerstone of lasting oral health. Professional cleanings are important to helping reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Our dental hygiene team not only ensures your smile stays clean but also teaches you oral hygiene tips to maintain a healthy smile between routine checkups.

Because many diseases and conditions first show signs in your mouth, good dental health and a strong relationship with your dental office are important steps in your overall health. Teeth cleanings allow us to identify and treat issues at an early stage when they are smaller and less invasive to manage. In addition to safeguarding your smile, we assess the well-being of your gums to help prevent any unwelcome surprises down the road. Preventive dental care can help you reduce or avoid future costs by preventing and finding potential issues sooner.

Most insurance plans cover two preventative care visits a year. Staying ahead of plaque and tartar buildup contributes to improved oral health, bolstering your immune system and enhancing your smile’s brightness.

By establishing good oral habits and not skipping your twice a year cleanings, you can smile more knowing that you are helping lower the likelihood of gum disease, tooth decay, and dental emergencies.

Why choose Aspire Dental & Implants for your teeth cleaning care?

At Aspire Dental & Implants, we prioritize an exceptional patient experience, providing comfortable care and professional cleanings to promote healthy teeth for life. If it has been six months or longer since your last dental checkup, schedule your next visit with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Cleaning

How much is a teeth cleaning without insurance?
Teeth cleaning costs without insurance can vary depending on your individual needs. We offer many different payment types, financing options and offers to help make getting the care you need affordable. View our Insurance & Financing page or call our office for more information.
How often should you get your teeth cleaned?
It's recommended to schedule your teeth cleaning every six months. Regular cleanings not only keep your smile bright and healthy but also prevent potential dental issues down the road. Don't forget to consult with your dentist to tailor a cleaning schedule that suits your individual needs!
How long does a teeth cleaning take?
A teeth cleaning typically takes about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on various factors such as the extent of plaque buildup and if a deep cleaning is necessary. Our experienced dental hygienists ensure a gentle and thorough cleaning tailored to your oral health needs, leaving your smile refreshed.